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Safety and Environment


The top priority of Alberta Highway Services Ltd. – no matter the task at hand – is safety for both its employees and the general public. The safety guidelines that govern everyday work at Alberta Highway Services Ltd. are set out in the company safety manual. These procedures are drafted by a company safety officer and are applied to all divisions and facets of operation with the organization. The areas of focus within the manual include the following:

  • Hazard Assessment
  • Safe Work Procedures
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Injury Reporting and Emergency Procedures
  • Vehicle Operations
  • Orientation/Training

Before work begins each year, all foreman are required to review jobsite safety with each new or returning employee. They will be given a clear understanding of the following subjects regarding safety:

  1. Safety policy of Alberta Highway Services Ltd.
  2. Responsibility of worker to safety.
  3. Hazards of job to be performed.
  4. Safety procedures to be followed to prevent accidents.
  5. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required on the job.
  6. Reporting procedure for accidents.
  7. In-depth checks to ensure employee can operate any equipment that may be required safely and productively.

Tailgate meetings, hazard assessments and general safety meetings are carried out at the beginning of each job to inform and educate all employees of worksite hazards. In addition, daily safety meetings are held prior to work commencing, and a general de-briefing takes place during shutdown at the end of each day. These preventative measures ensure employees are attentive and aware of all potential jobsite hazards while working.

In order to uphold the safety standards that have been instituted, an Alberta Highway Services Ltd. Safety Committee has been established. Monthly meetings are held to discuss safety issues, past experiences and preventative measures that can be introduced to maximize workplace safety. The committee consists of the Safety Officer, the General Manager, and representatives from each division of Alberta Highway Services Ltd.

Safety is a top priority in our company. In 2008, Alberta Highway Services was part of the group that was awarded the International Crystal Woodpecker Award from Colas. The Woodpecker Award is the highest safety award achievable by all Colas companies worldwide. In 2008, we achieved a safety rating of 0.00, an accomplishment that Alberta Highway Services, as a subsidiary of the ColasCanada group of companies, was very proud to contribute towards.

woodpecker award


Alberta Highway Services Ltd. ensures that management, in conjunction with all employees, will strive to provide protection and consideration for the environment at all times.

Alberta Highway Services Ltd. and all subcontractors have made a commitment to minimizing the impact upon the natural environment. In addition, compliance to all applicable laws, regulations, permits, licenses, rules and agreements is strictly adhered to. In accordance with these Federal, Provincial and/or local provisions, Alberta Highway Services Ltd. and all subcontractors will provide the appropriate equipment, facilities and precautions necessary to maintain and uphold such standards.

Alberta Highway Services Ltd. is committed to an annual review of all environmental policies and procedures. This review is based on an analysis of all records and statistics of the previous year. Pending the results of the analysis, management, supervisors, and the Safety Committee generate proactive recommendations and procedures for future education and training with regards to environmental protection.