Company History

In the early 1990’s, the Alberta Government privatized the highway maintenance department throughout the province. Approximately 30 Contract Maintenance Areas (CMAs) were formed, and assembled into regions of three or four, making up the entire area of the province. Each group was designated in a Request for Proposal (RFP) format for bidding between different contractors to service that specific region. RFP’s were reviewed and scored by the Alberta Transportation Department, and the contractor with the highest score became the service provider for that CMA area. Any one contractor could have a maximum of four CMAs at that time, and this process continued until each CMA had a corresponding contractor. Originally, the province consisted of eight contracted regions. Alberta North Highway Services and Inland Highway Maintenance were two of these CMA contracting companies. They both held four CMAs, stretching from Hinton to Grande Prairie when combined. In 2001, the two companies were amalgamated and became Alberta Highway Services Ltd. (AHSL).

In 2005, a re-tendering process led to the addition of four more CMAs for AHSL in the Red Deer area, contracted to run to 2012. AHSL is responsible for eight CMAs in the central region of the province – broken into two territories: North Central and South Central, with four CMAs in each.

As well, Red Deer County was the first municipality to privatize its local road maintenance, and Alberta Highway Services Ltd. secured consecutive 5 and 7 year contracts in this area.

Along with the change in highway maintenance in the late 1990’s, came the privatization of minor bridge maintenance, as well. Soon after its inception, Alberta Highway Services Ltd. developed a Bridge Division that would complement the existing CMA divisions and allow for a foray into new territory.

A Construction Division was also formed around the same time to accompany the maintenance contracts across all of the CMAs. This self-sustaining division compliments the highway work by undertaking large quantities of maintenance-type work, such as guardrail removal and installation, spray patch road-repair and sign work. This group also bids as a sign and guardrail sub-contractor on major paving projects, often working with sister companies under Works Alberta. Since its initiation, the division has grown to carry out negotiated and tendered work on a province-wide basis.

Alberta Highway Services Ltd. strives to uphold a stronger-than-ever presence in both the Bridge and Construction divisions across the province, while continuing to deliver unparalleled maintenance services in Red Deer County and the Central regions of Alberta.