About Us

Alberta Highway Services Ltd. (AHSL) is a highway, roadway, and bridge maintenance company based out of Edmonton, Alberta. The company is comprised of three divisions:

  • Contract Maintenance Areas (CMAs)
  • Bridge Maintenance
  • Private Work/Construction

Maintenance Contracts

The primary focus for Alberta Highway Services Ltd. is highway maintenance contracts for the province of Alberta. Approximately 4,000 kilometers of roadway are maintained in the central region of the province. Operations run year round – winter maintenance includes the plowing and sanding of roads; summer maintenance includes asphalt patching, sign installation, crack sealing and mowing.

Bridge Maintenance

The initial focus of this division is the upkeep and repair of bridges within the contract maintenance areas (CMAs). Work most commonly performed includes minor repairs to timber and concrete bridge structures, as well as the installation of culverts and culvert-liners.

In addition, Alberta Highway Services Ltd. has performed a variety of work under public-tendered contracts – including bridge rehabilitation, bridge replacement, bioengineering work and maintenance within surrounding municipalities of each CMA.

Private Work / Construction

The Construction Division holds a strong focus on tendered and negotiated work, as well as subcontract work throughout North Central Alberta. The majority of clients in this division are local, municipal, and provincial government agencies, highway construction contractors and commercial businesses. Areas of specialization include:

  • Guardrail and sign supply and installation
  • Guidepost supply and installation
  • Spray patch road-repair
  • Culvert lining and grouting